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Mickey Mouse Bouncy Castle

Disney Mickey Mouse Bouncy

Our Disney-themed bouncy house is a big hit with toddlers for birthday parties for 1,2 and 3-year-olds. They’re not the only guests, Mickey and all of his friends are there as well, documented on the castle walls through the beautiful graphics. It’s not the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but it’s the closest thing to it that we offer,

Super Hero Bouncy Castle Rental

Superhero Bouncy Castle

This giant inflatable is SUPER for party rentals. Featuring pictures of DC’s Justice League, this inflatable jumping castle is the “headquarters” for young superheroes at parties and events. Whether you have a young boy who dreams of being Batman or a girl who dreams of being Wonder Woman, this bounce castle will be a huge success at your next event.

product shot of inflatable

Ferris wheel Jumper

This is perfect for a school funfair. Its unique and distinct look will help tie your carnival-themed party together with a cohesive look and draw a lot of attention. The unique bounce house has a large bounce area with a roof to protect the kids from the sun or rain outside, and from blinding their eyes from the lights inside.

Barnyard Toddler Bouncy Castle

Our Barnyard Toddler is perfect for young ones up to four years old. This party rental has many elements to it to give the little ones many things to play with inside. There is a small climbing area, tunnels, a slide, obstacles, and a bouncy area. There are pictures of different fun barn animals depicted in graphics on the outside and throughout the inside of this bounce house.

product shot of inflatable

Fun Park Toddler Unit (TSSA)

This jump castle is the perfect way to get the younger ones ready for bumper cars, roller coasters and ferris wheels. With the large bounce area having obstacles throughout the bounce castle, the little ones can have endless fun for hours. They can slide, jump, climb in this party rental. They will not want to leave once they get in.

product shot of inflatable

Dual Lane Princess Combo

Little ones can imagine they’re living like the royals as they bounce and play in this party rental. They will have countless fun with this jump castle, whether they’re playing basketball inside, bouncing around, or just taking turns going down the slides.

product shot of inflatable

Dual Lane Lava Combo

This jump castle combo is neutral-themed, perfect for an event or party rental. The young ones can jump and play with the many features of this bounce house including two smaller dry slides attached, a large bouncing area, and a basketball net inside. It can provide hours of fun for children between three and 11 years of age.

Dual Lane Tropical Bouncy Castle

Dual Lane Tropical Combo

This tropical-themed bouncer with slides is the perfect party rental to bring a slice of the tropics to your party. The young ones that jump, climb and slide on this for hours of fun. The large area when the children bounce is accented by inflatable palm trees at each of the four corners, to make them imagine they’re on a tropical island while playing in this.

product shot of inflatable

Dual Lane Pirate Combo

Who doesn’t love pretending they’re a pirate? With this pirate-themed bouncer with slides, the little ones will have loads of fun. Children can have hours of fun “running the ship.” There is an inflatable cannon on top of this along with flags on each of the corner posts to give it the perfect pirate ship look.

product shot of inflatable

Dazzling Princess Bouncy Castle w/ Slide

This princess-themed bouncy castle has many features that can make any princess’ birthday party or corporate event a huge success.The most unique feature of this bounce house is the sparkling surface, which can allow the princes and princesses the play in can imagine it’s magic fairy dust all over the surface, igniting their “royal powers.”

Rainbow Lava Bouncy Castle Rental

Rainbow Lava Bouncy Castle

This bouncy castle slide combo is one of our newest and more popular event rentals. The features include a large bouncing area, a basketball net inside and a slide attached to the outside of the main bouncing area. This colourful bouncer with slides is a must-have for your next birthday party, school fun fair, or corporate event.

Unicorn Bouncy Castle Rental

Unicorn Jump Castle Combo

Make any party or event majestic with our all-new unicorn bouncy castle combo featuring a large unicorn leaping over the entrance of this colourful bounce house. This jump castle is the perfect addition to your next party and can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Tropical Bouncy Castle Rental

Tropical Bouncy Castle Combo (TSSA)

This combo is one of our neutral-themed bouncy castle event rentals is good for party’s, school fun fairs, or corporate events. This inflatable bouncy features inflatable palm trees on each of the four corners of the large bouncing area, a basketball net inside and an attached dry slide.

Ice Princess Bouncy Castle Rental

Ice Princess Jump Castle Combo (TSSA)

If you have a princess in your family or hosting an event for a group of young princesses, this bouncy castle princess combo is the perfect addition for you and your little princesses. These young princesses will think they are bouncing around the hills of an icy kingdom.

Rainbow Bouncy Castle Rental

Rainbow Bouncy Castle Combo (TSSA)

The lively colours that cover this inflatable jump castle combo will definitely draw the attention of the little ones. Features including the attached large dry/wet slide, basketball net and large bouncing area will have the children enjoying hours of fun.

35ft Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

35 Ft Inflatable Obstacle Course (TSSA)

Want both children and adults to enjoy this action-packed obstacle course? Appropriate for both adults and children, this inflatable bouncer will give event guests of most ages tons of fun! This 35ft long jump castle has two lanes, with different obstacles to get through.

35 Ft Obstacle Course 2 (TSSA)

This bouncer obstacle course is something that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Popular at corporate picnics, school fun fairs, or church events, this 35ft long fan favorite inflatable structure is an easy way to bring out the competitive nature of both kids and adults.

product shot of inflatable

30 Ft Fun House Course

This 30ft inflatable obstacle course is a favourite amongst other bouncers at church events, corporate picnics and school fun fairs, allowing children to make a game or contest out of this obstacle course at any party or event. The funhouse look draws in the young ones, and in turn, have their parents watch them and take pictures to keep the memories forever.

70ft obstacle course

70 Ft Inflatable Obstacle Course (TSSA)

Our giant outdoor inflatable bounce house crash course is the perfect rental for any event whether that be a corporate picnic, school fun fair, or church events. Children and adults alike can join in on the competitive spirit that may be brought out. Appropriate for both adults and kids, this 70 FT beast allows parents and their children to go head to head in a one-on-one race to the finish line.

Giant Tropical Water Slide Rental

Giant Tropical Slide (TSSA)

This 22ft high slide has stairs leading up to the top platform. From there, the participants can go down one of the two large slides. This giant inflatable slide is a must-have for any large event, especially pairing it with one of our obstacle courses, bringing lots of options for the little ones and adults alike to choose from.

Ashlee’s carries a range of products following Inflatable Slides, and Obstacle courses. Like the Giant Tropical slide. Obstacle courses with an inflatable bouncer, indoor and outdoor attraction. Party Equipment rental, school funfairs, or even a fun party. Helping along with public events as well! With Interactive games, we are Positive the kids will enjoy.

With plenty of fun attractions you can guarantee that there will be fun for all ages. Whether it will be at a school fun fair. It will be set up for both indoor and out door pleasure. Obstacle courses that have inflatable bouncers. Ready for Public events, with slides. Bringing Laughs and a fun party for all. With Interactive Games, it makes it a attention grabber for themed parties as well.

Dart Games Interactive Inflatables, Sports Games, Water Slides, Bounce house’s, Carnival Games and even Dunk Tanks. Provides tons of fun for birthday parties, corporate events or even family gatherings. With Party equipment and party rental is made easy and fun.  We will set up, clean and take down your eye-catching attraction for you as well.