Carnival Games Rental

Carnival Games Rental

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Carnival Game Rentals

6 Carnival Games Package

This package includes six carnival games that can bring hours of fun for a large group of kids and adults alike. These games are quick to set up and include all of the components required to play them. This is commonly called a mini carnival package, giving you a tiny carnival with just this package itself. It is a perfect rental for school fun fairs, church events, company picnics, fundraising events, and birthday parties.

What is in the package

The games included in this package are Balloon Pop Game, Can Smash Game, Duck Hunt Game, Fish in a Bowl, Potty Toss Game and Shockwave. These games can be set up as either indoor or outdoor activities. The weather won’t change the chance of enjoying this games package. Set up, cleaning and take down are included in the rental price of this mini carnival package.

dunk tank product shot

Dunk Tank Rental

Who doesn’t love the carnival classics? This dunk tank rental is perfect to bring a splash to all types of events including company picnics, church events, fundraising carnivals, and school fun fairs. Adults and children alike enjoy the opportunity to dunk their friends, parents, teachers, or bosses. It is all in the name of good-natured fun. Tossing a ball and hitting the bullseye will reward you with seeing the volunteer splash into the pool they are hanging over.

kid playing with giant connect four

Giant Connect 4

This is a life-size rendition of the classic table-top game that will test the hand-eye coordination and brain skills of the participants, adding a new layer of fun and safe competitive spirit. This is a game that party or event guests of all ages can play. It can help improve critical thinking as the game is played

Beat The Bucket Rental

Beat the Bucket Challenge (Dunk Tank Alternative)

The only game that gives a player the opportunity to control their fate, but only if they have the reaction time and skill to do so. A single-player stands behind the station and with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the two targets from being hit. A second player throws waterlogged balls while trying to hit the 2 targets. If the player using the blocker can act quickly enough, they can stop the ball from hitting the target. However, should the ball happen to strike a target, a cool, refreshing bucket of water is dumped from above.

kids playing at puck pond

Duck Pond

This is a throwback to a midway carnival classic. With ducks bobbing and floating in the water, it can be played as a match game, or a prize given each time a duck is collected. Young children get so much joy out of this game, and it’s a hit at carnival themed fundraiser events, school fun fairs, church parties, and company picnics

product shot of inflatable

Grand Carnival

This inflatable structure is a showpiece that comes with 4 carnival games. This is a great replacement if you have been using a folding tent year after year. This multifunctional inflatable booth is the perfect place to set up for table-top carnival games, ticket sales, registration, fun foods, and more.

Giant Inflatable Maze Rental

Massive Inflatable Fun Maze

Inspired by the traditional fun house you may see at a carnival, this massive inflatable structure is visually dazzling to not only those who walk through it, but anyone who stands in front of it as well. The maze has exceptional graphics displayed throughout, allowing anyone who goes through it to get lost in the wonderland of classic carnival mayhem.

adult playing giant jenga

Giant Jenga

This life-size game can stand anywhere from 36 to 72 inches high. The classic table-top version of this game provides a great amount of fun. Imagine if you have it stand the size of a toddler. This game will be great for birthday parties, corporate picnics, family gatherings, and church events.

25ft parachute rental

25ft Parachute

This parachute rental will take adults back to memories of gym class in elementary school. It can be rented for any occasion and can be held by many people at one time. Whether you want to use it to bounce a ball on it, or have little ones run under it, it can provide tons of fun for guests of all ages.

adults and kids participating in a sac race

Sack Races

Another classic yard game that is fun for the whole family. This is popular to rent for school fun fairs, family gathering, company picnics, summer camps, and church events. The potato sacks are meant to have both legs in and held up at the waist to see who can hop the fastest along a short track .

Tug of War and Bouncy Castle

Tug of War

This game causes great family fun, but can also be used at birthday parties, community fairs, school fun fairs, camps, or just to have a fun day outside. There is a flag that divides the two teams on either side. If your team can pull the other team across the center line, you win. It can be a great team building exercise at summer camps, school fun fairs and parties.

potty toss rental

Potty Toss

Just like its name, this attention-grabber game is made to make it look like you’re throwing a ball of toilet paper into the potty. This is a fun game rental that can be rented on its own, or as part of the 6 Game Carnival Game Package. It is great to have for parties and events with young guests at school fun fairs, family gatherings, company picnics or community fairs.

can smash rental

Can Smash Game

It’s always fun to throw something to make cans fall over. If it’s a game, it’s even better and much more fun. Prizes for throwing a bean bag at cans? Who wouldn’t sign up for that? This game rental comes with the bean bags and six cans to stack. It is a great game rented for community fairs, company picnics, and school fun fairs.

balloon pop rental

Balloon Pop Game

Popping balloons may be loud, but it is always fun. This game rental comes with many darts to shoot at 14 balloons sticking out across three rows. It can be played as a prize per pop game or a match game. It can be rented on its own but is also included in the 6 Carnival Game Package. Fun for all ages of participants.

shockwave rental

Shock Wave Game

This game tests your hand-eye coordination and is best played with a steady hand. Though it has the word shock in the name, no shocks are actually given. Instead, a bell will ring. You guide the hoop over the rod, trying not to touch the rod. It is a skill-based game but can bring you and your fun party guests lots of fun.

fish in a bowl rental

Fish in a Bowl Game

Fun for the whole family. This game rental is a carnival classic. There are nine bowls and six ping pong balls. You can either get a prize each time you get a ball in a bowl, or play a match game against a friend, classmate or family member. It is always a hit at school fun fairs, community fairs, or fundraising events.

duck hunt rental

Duck Hunt Game

Bring a carnival classic to your party or event with our Duck Hunt game rental. With two rows of three ducks, the object of the game is to knock down three ducks to win. Six bean bags are included with the rental, allowing you to choose to play as either a match game with a friend, or play on your own for a prize. Great for community fairs, school fun fairs, company picnics, or birthday parties.

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