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Helping along with public events as well! With Interactive games, we are Positive the kids will enjoy.

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35ft Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

35 Ft Obstacle Course (TSSA)

This 35ft long inflatable bouncer has two lanes, with different obstacles to get through. It is always a favourite to rent for events such as church events, school fun fairs, or corporate picnics. The high-volume unit gets people through each lane quickly. It offers hours of fun and brings out the perfect amount of competitive spirit for the whole family.

35 Ft Obstacle Course 2 (TSSA)

This inflatable obstacle course is something both adults and children can enjoy. Bringing out the competitive spirit at school fun fairs, church events, or corporate picnics, this 35ft long inflatable structure is a favourite for all ages at various parties and events. It provides them with hours of fun and allows parents and children to play together.

product shot of inflatable

30 FT Fun House Obstacle Course

More than just an inflatable bouncer, you can make it a game or contest at your party or event. This 30ft inflatable obstacle course is a favourite at church events, corporate picnics and school fun fairs, allowing adults and children alike to enjoy the fun it provides. The fun house motif on it draws attraction from the young ones, and in turn, have their parents watch them and take pictures to keep the memories forever.

70ft obstacle course

70 Ft Inflatable Obstacle Course (TSSA)

Our largest outdoor bounce house course is the perfect party equipment rental for corporate picnics, school fun fairs, and church events. Children and adults alike can join in on the hours of fun this inflatable bouncer can provide. It will bring out a safe, but the competitive spirit in most who go through the course. Two lanes have different obstacles throughout the 70ft.

Giant Tropical Water Slide Rental

Giant Tropical Slide (Dry) (TSSA)

This inflatable slide is a must-have for any large event, especially pairing it with one of our obstacle courses, bringing lots of options for the little ones and adults alike to choose from. This unit can be a high-volume one, but it allows participants to get through quickly.

Ashlee’s carries a range of products following Inflatable Slides, and Obstacle courses. Like the Giant Tropical slide. Obstacle courses with an inflatable bouncer, indoor and outdoor attraction. Party Equipment rental, school funfairs, or even a fun party. Helping along with public events as well! With Interactive games, we are Positive the kids will enjoy.

With plenty of fun attractions you can guarantee that there will be fun for all ages. Whether it will be at a school fun fair. It will be set up for both indoor and out door pleasure. Obstacle courses that have inflatable bouncers. Ready for Public events, with slides. Bringing Laughs and a fun party for all. With Interactive Games, it makes it a attention grabber for themed parties as well.

Dart Games Interactive Inflatables, Sports Games, Water Slides, Bounce house’s, Carnival Games and even Dunk Tanks. Provides tons of fun for birthday parties, corporate events or even family gatherings. With Party equipment and party rental is made easy and fun.  We will set up, clean and take down your eye-catching attraction for you as well.