Indoor Birthday Parties: Unforgettable Fun at Woodman Community Centre

Are you looking for an exciting and memorable way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Look no further! At Woodman Community Centre in Brantford, Ontario, we offer incredible indoor birthday party experiences that will leave your child and their friends with memories they will cherish forever. Our parties are specifically designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. No exceptions! We have carefully curated a range of activities and attractions that guarantee a day filled with giggles, laughter, and non-stop fun.


The Woodman Community Centre, conveniently located in Brantford, Ontario, provides a spacious and safe environment perfect for hosting indoor birthday parties. With ample amenities and dedicated staff, we ensure that every party is a fantastic experience for both children and parents.

Party Time:

Our parties are scheduled from 11:30am to 1:30pm, providing a generous two-hour timeframe for unlimited fun and celebration.


To ensure safety and hygiene, we require all participants to wear grip socks. If you don’t have them yet, don’t worry! You can easily purchase them on Amazon or other retail stores.

Maximum Number of Kids:

To maintain a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have a maximum limit of 10 children per party. This policy allows us to provide individual attention and ensure that each child has a blast.

Optional but Highly Recommended:

To add a touch of personalization and vibrance to your party, we recommend bringing tablecloths for the three tables provided. This small detail can elevate the overall aesthetic and make the celebration even more special.

Available Dates:

We have several dates available, but be sure to act fast as spots are limited and subject to change. Here are the upcoming dates with the corresponding available spots:

– Jan 27th, 2024: 4 Spots Remaining

– Feb 10th, 2024: 4 Spots Remaining

– Feb 24th, 2024: 4 Spots Remaining

– March 30th, 2024: 3 Spots Remaining

– April 13th, 2024: 4 Spots Remaining

– April 27th, 2024: 4 Spots Remaining

Party Packages:

Our party packages are designed to provide an array of exciting attractions and activities that will keep the children entertained throughout the celebration. When you book a party at Woodman Community Centre, you can expect the following attractions:

1. Ferris Wheel Bouncy Castle: Watch the little ones jump for joy in this delightful bouncy castle that resembles a miniature ferris wheel.

2. 30 ft. Fun House Obstacle Course: Encourage friendly competition as the kids navigate through this thrilling obstacle course, filled with tunnels, slides, and various challenges.

3. 3 in 1 Sports Inflatable: Let the children engage in some friendly sports activities with this inflatable setup that features basketball hoops, soccer goals, and a batting cage.

4. Carnival Games Package: Added excitement comes in the form of carnival games, offering the children the thrill of winning prizes and competing for high scores.

5. Gym Rental: The party package includes access to our spacious gym rental, allowing the children to burn off their boundless energy while playing and having fun.

Supervisors, Colored Bracelets, and Special Treatment:

To ensure the safety and organization of the party, each unit will have a dedicated supervisor. Additionally, colored bracelets will be provided to identify each party, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable experience. For extra VIP treatment, the birthday child will receive special bracelets, granting them exclusive privileges such as skipping lines and receiving extra attention.

Tables and Chairs:

We provide two tables and 18 chairs for your party. One additional table is included specifically for food and gifts, ensuring that you have ample space for all the birthday necessities.

Set up, Cleaning, and Take Down:

At Woodman Community Centre, we take care of the entire setup, cleaning, and take down of equipment, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the festivities with your child and their friends.

Early Bird Package Prices:

For those who like to plan ahead, our Early Bird Package Prices provide a fantastic opportunity to save. For up to 10 kids, the early bird rate is $399 plus taxes, and as an added treat, you’ll receive 10 bags of cotton candy. Hurry and reserve your choice of table, as this special offer is only valid for bookings made before December 31st, 2023. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot and enjoy the Early Bird Pricing.

Birthday Package Prices – Non Early Bird:

For those who missed the early bird offer, our Birthday Package Prices are still an incredible deal. For up to 8 kids, with an additional $25 per additional child (up to a maximum of 10 kids), the price is $449 plus taxes. Just like with the Early Bird Pricing, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to give your child the birthday party of their dreams. Book your spot now at Woodman Community Centre and make their day truly unforgettable. Our indoor birthday parties are designed to provide endless fun, laughter, and joy, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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