Doug Snooks Community Centre rentals

Our Top 3 Gym Rentals in Brantford, Ontario

When it comes to booking a bouncy castle on public property, there is a lot of requirements and restrictions that need to be met. If you are deciding to book on properties owned by the City of Brantford they require the following from your inflatable company. Please note that not following these 3 steps could result in your party being shut down or receiving a hefty fine.

  1. The company must carry 5 million liability insurance listing the City of Brantford on the companies insurance.
  2. All inflatables or bouncy castles must be TSSA certified. Copies of the certification must be submitted to the events coordinator of Brantford.
  3. All inflatables must have an employee/ staff from the company that you are renting from to supervise the unit at all times while being used. This is an additional charge on top of the rental rate

Thankfully Ashlee’s Events has a long working relationship with the City of Brantford and will take care of everything required to set up on city property. Some of our favorite properties and gym rentals that we set up at are:

1. Doug Snooks Eagle Place Community Centre

Ashlee's Events Top Gym Rentals
Ashlee’s Events Top Gym Rentals

Doug Snooks located at 333 Erie Ave Brantford is on of our all time favorite gyms to rent. It has a fairly good sized gym that accommodates most inflatables height wise. It features 2 additional rooms for rent that can accommodate any event you are hosting such as birthday parties, gender reveal parties, community events and much more. The rental rates for the gym are quite affordable compared to other gyms in Brantford. Doug Snooks gets a 5 star rating from us ***** Use this link for more information on Doug Snooks click on this link

2. Branlyn Community Centre

Setting up a birthday party at Branlyn community Centre Brantford
Setting up a birthday party at Branlyn community Centre Brantford

We love the Branlyn Community Centre located at 238 Brantwood park road Brantford, Ontario. It features 3 massive gym rentals that can be rented out separately or all together. It has small, medium and large meeting rooms. We have hosted many birthday parties, community events and neighborhood association parties. Please follow this link for more information:

3. Woodman Park Community Centre

William and Stella having fun at a community Event in Brantford

Woodman Park community Centre in located at 491 Grey St Brantford, Ontario. We have been here many times to set up for birthday parties. You can rent the gym or a large meeting room here. The gym itself is very clean with tons of sports equipment and fun activities for the kids. Please following this link for more information:

These are just some of our favorite gym rentals located in Brantford, Ontario. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to @Ashlee’s Events. We look forward to working with you. More information on our website